Thousands queue outside supermarkets as food shortages hit!

Supermarket shelves were emptying rapidly today as food shortages hit the UK. People queued for hours in the hope that something would be left by the time they got inside. Unscrupulous supermarket bosses have begun to cash in on the shortages by raising prices rapidly with food costing double in some areas! Government response to the food panic is talk of rationing!

These are the sort of the headlines we can expect to see if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal after Brexit. Britain gets well over half the food we eat from other countries and the rest is produced by farmers who can’t make ends meet without EU farm subsidies. On day 1 after Brexit the ports will clog up with lorries being checked by French and Irish customs and food will rot in transit. Not long after, British farmers will be going bust when their subsidy cheques from the EU don’t turn up in the post. End result? Nothing on the shelves!!

Rich people will be fine of course. There will still be a good supply of up-market produce air freighted in from Kenya and South America but prices will be astronomical. The rest of us are going to struggle as Brexit hits home.