Thousands of holiday flights to be

 cancelled because of Brexit!

We could be waking up the morning after Britain leaves the EU to learn that millions of Brits are unable to take their holidays in the sun, because flights to Europe have been cancelled.

Michael O’Leary, outspoken chief exec of Ryanair, has called Brexit “the stupidest decision the Brits have ever made!”. He’s worried that Ryanair won’t be able to fly their jets between the UK and holiday destinations when EU airline licences are cancelled by Brexit. Other airlines are in the same boat with Easyjet worrying that they may be unable to fly any planes at all! Andrew Swaffield chief executive of the budget airline Monarch said: “An exit would most likely lead to higher air fares and fewer scheduled flights between the EU and the UK.” 

Failed Tory leadership candidate David Davis who is now heading up the government’s Brexit department, admitted in parliament that EU open skies agreement about flights to Europe would be torn up when Brexit happened. So far, the government appears to have no idea how it will be replaced!

Get your holidays in early before Brexit happens because we may not be going anywhere afterwards!