Britons will pay £000’s for health care in Europe!

It’s going to cost you a lot more to go on holiday! British tourists currently enjoy free healthcare when visiting Europe.  But imagine if you realised you didn’t have enough medication to last you the holiday, or if you had a fall while sampling the local vino.  At the moment the trip to emergency can be made without worrying whether we can afford it or not. But all this will change after Brexit. Millions of Brits will have to pay thousands to get health insurance on holiday.  This means that if you have a common condition such as diabetes, you could expect to pay anything between £800 to £2000 for cover.  Or for those with something more serious, a much-needed trip to the sun could now be an impossibility.  Also spare a thought for the hundreds of thousands who retired to warmer climes.  They too will probably have to return to the UK because they can't acess health care!.  Imagine the pressure of all these elderly people on housing, on social care and on our National Health Service.