Tories have secret plans to privatise the NHS!

There are huge hidden cuts to hospital budgets, growing privatisation, and some scary plans to make us pay for our healthcare - as voters go to the polls in June, the possible results of more Tory government are frightening.  The NHS was launched in 1948 with the aim of making good healthcare available to all regardless of income.

We have though, bit by bit, seen the three core principles of the NHS worn away

1.      Based on patients’ health needs, not their ability to pay?  Well that’s not always the case as can be seen with some cancer drugs. 

2.      Meets the needs of everyone?  With waiting times to see a GP at an all-time high, it would be a lie to say everyone’s needs were met.   

3.      Free at the point of delivery?  For now, maybe…….but for how long? Remember when a visit to the dentist was free?  Or a trip to the optician?  For now we can only hope that we don’t need to produce a credit card before we’re seen by the local A&E Department.